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SUP Sessions

Panama Adventures with Wander Panther.

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Cocinar es amar 😍

Panama Adventures with Wander Panther.

Fascistbook is Labelling You Politically Learn How.

Do You Know What Facebook Thinks of You?

My readers know I am a social media and online marketer. So when I saw this articleFacebook is Categorizing You Politically — Here’s How to See What they Think of You I had to respond. Matt is an author on Steemit as well.

For the last five years I have built a business which helped clients find their audience via social media and advertising. I have to admit Fascistbook is a very powerful tool. One of the ways I can target people is through their interests.

For example you if you are a fan of Killary Clinton on Fascistbook. I can actually target fans of hers. Your interests are a powerful tool for marketers. This also goes for Twitter, Google and any other Big Data driven network online. Your data is for sale!

How Do You Know What FascistBook Classifies You As?

First of all go to this FascistBook Link while logged in to FB. Scroll down to Preferences--> Lifestyle and culture --> Find more. When I reached the bottom of my Lifestyle and Culture it said, "Expat US". Near the top this is what I saw and I had to chuckle.

Yes, I have to agree Facebook I agree with all of them yet none of them! The funny thing is that they did not call me an Anarchist anywhere. I follow pages that represent many different political ideologies so I can troll them as often as I can. Confusing Fascistbook is more fun than letting them label me. I did not find the Political party box that Matt mentions in his article.

Jeremy Merrill also breaks it down in a NY Times article. Liberal, Moderate or Conservative? See How Facebook Labels You

So What Can You Do?

Absolutely nothing on Fascistbook. Those F#%$ers will not allow you to turn off your preferences. So the best you can do is confuse them. Like pages that represent all of the parties. Be as ambiguous as possible.

Find My Original post on Steemit.

Be Like a Chameleon

Originally Published Here: Fascistbook is Labelling You Politically Learn How.

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Panga at Playa Venao

Panama Adventures with Wander Panther.

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When you see it 👀 This is one of the best spots in the city to hang out, grab a cold one and eat like a boss. #beer #Panama #gastronomy #foodporn #chivoperro #travel #igtravel #travelstoke #wanderlust #wanderful #wanderpanther #wanderpanthering Soon the beer tour experience on under Gastronomy Experiences of course @brewstoppty as the lead

Panama Adventures with Wander Panther.

“Optimize Images” for Google

Guide to SEO "Optimize Yout Images" for Google and Bing by Randy Hilarski

My How to Optimize Images so that You Show up In Google Image Search.

Have you ever wondered how the media and prominent bloggers get their images ranked so high in Google and Bing image search?

Here on Steemit and with most of my clients with $200 Social I have noticed that people in general do not utilize this powerful tool to rank high in Google and Bing Search.

Why bother teaching the community? The world is changing and I believe our personal brand is far more important than any platform or non personal brand. Look how well Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Lebron James, Jeff Berwick and others do utilizing their personal brands.

People love to see the person behind the idea. Did you know if Facebook, Twitter or Steemit disappears tomorrow many people who do not build their personal brand will have to start from scratch? If instead those same people build their personal brand they can take it anywhere and if one platform closes down the effect will just be a bump in the road.

There are a few things I would like to see the Steemit community do that other communities are too lazy to do.

  1. Use Images to make your content more interesting.
  2. SEO your images so our content ranks above other communities content.
  3. Make your images look good across social media.
  4. Share your content across the internet.

Tools Needed to Make and Optimize Images.

  • This guide is for Windows users. I have Windows 10, which works similar to Windows 7.
  • Use an image creation tool like Pic Monkey

The Results of Optimizing Images.

This is a result of doing an image search on Google for my name. There are two types of results here. The first type is ones where the post did very well and it helped raise the value of the image. The second type and the one we are focused on is images that rank well because they have good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Step 1 to Image SEO

Make your image, please do not borrow images. Be creative and make your own content to stand out in the crowd. Once you have created the image you must save the image with an image title and store as a jpeg file.

Step 2 to Image SEO

Open the image in your Photos manager and right click on the image. Click on open in Photo Gallery.

Step 3 to Image SEO

You are now in Windows Photo Gallery. Click on Edit, Organize in top left.

Step 4 to Image SEO

Double Click the image you would like to edit.

Step 5 to Image SEO

Fill out each of the sections on the right.

  • Tag Yourself, Friends or Brands.
  • If you are a local brand by all means GEO Tag a location.
  • Add a description. This is where I tell people you can add a blog post within a blog post. Very Powerful!
  • Don't forget to add your tags. These are words that match the image and tell Google and Bing what the subject of the image is.

Completed Image SEO

This is what your image should look like after you have completed all the details.

  • Click the Red Close File at the top.
  • Now you are ready to load your image to your image hosting service.

Optional SEO for Wordpress Image Hosting.

If you do not have your own website based on Wordpress you can also set up a blog for free and accomplish the same result. Why do I do this? I host the images on my own blog because I want ownership of my images. If you use an external hosting service you give up ownership of your images.

If you are serious about being a content producer you should own all of your own images and this means loading it first to your website. If people borrow my images I am ok with it because Google knows I am the original creator. Use if you don't want to build a blog from scratch.

  • Add Alt Text (Alternative text)
  • Add Description
  • Copy and past the image URL into your Steemit post.

Why Go Through all This Extra Effort to Optimize Images?

  • Rank highly on Google and Bing Image Search.
  • Higher Quality Content for the Google and Bing Bots.
  • Rank High on Sites Like Google Plus, Pinterest, Blogger and Tumblr
  • Outrank Your Competitors.
  • Do You Want to be Ordinary or Extraordinary that is the Question?

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La historia de la India Dormida

La historia cuenta que Luba, era la hija menor del Cacique Urraca. Este era el jefe de una tribu de Guaymies, de las fastuosas montañas que besaban el sol. Todos la llamaban Flor del Aire y la conocían como una persona sencilla pero muy rebelde, esta, herencia de su raza fuerte que lucho contra los conquistadores españoles durante años. Lo que menos imaginaba Luba seria que se enamoraría perdidamente de uno de los oficiales españoles que sometía a su pueblo.

Luego de un tiempo, Luba desprecio a Yaravi, un bravo guerrero de su tribu que la amaba mas que cualquier otra cosa pero este no le correspondía. Víctima de la ira al ver que era imposible merecer su amor, da fin a su vida, lanzándose al vacío desde lo alto de una montaña ante la triste y anonadada mirada de ella.

Luba por no querer traicionar a su pueblo, renuncia al amor del extranjero y llorando desesperada, penando su desventura se pierde entre la maleza, se tiende sobre la sabana y muere.



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¡Descubre el Valle De Anton!

El Valle de Antón es una comunidad única, ya que es el único volcán habitado en el mundo. Su increíble biodiversidad, su suelo volcánico y ambiente hace que básicamente todo pueda prosperar. Esto lo certifica la cantidad de flora y fauna que existe en la zona, teniendo mas de 200 especies. Dentro de este épico lugar, se desarrollan también esfuerzos para mantener viva a la famosa Rana Dorada que hoy por hoy esta en vías de extinción y esta siendo estudiada por el Instituto de Investigaciones Tropicales Smithsonian.
Podrás encontrar diferentes estilos de comida y de diferentes rangos de precio, desde una fonda para comer algo de comida local hasta comida mas especializada como en el Restaurante La Casa de Lourdes. Ademas, existen muchos eventos que contienen música en vivo, otros son festivales como el Valle Bash que se realiza una vez al año en el Club Campestre o Festivales como el de la Rana Dorada que busca generar conciencia sobre los cuidados de la misma y su habitad.

Las personas del Valle son muy interesantes y cada una tiene una historia diferente que contar, por otro lado, existen muchos extranjeros que decidieron residir en el Valle debido a su clima y tranquilidad por lo que también se a vuelto un lugar multicultural. Ahora, no pienses que no puedes encontrar actividades extremas o divertidas para hacer ya que sencillamente con subir a la India Dormida (Con una vista espectacular), ir al Níspero o jugar con el lodo donde están las aguas termales te mantendrán bastante entretenido y sorprendido de la cantidad de cosas que se pueden realizar aquí, también el Valle te conecta por carretera al area que te puede llevar a una bonita Cascada llamada Tavidá, en el pueblo de Chiguirí (Puedes llegar por Penonomé o por El Valle).



Por ultimo, este lugar es excelente para relajarse luego de actividades físicas o simplemente luego de un día de mucho movimiento. Tiene muchos spas para realizarse masajes o diferentes tratamientos, si eres mas sencillo también podrás relajarte en una hamaca y simplemente pasar el día durmiendo en un ambiente fresco, alejado del ruido y con un aire oxigenado.

Si te interesa realizar algún viaje al Valle, Vincent te podrá ayudar con esto en:


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Panes wanderpanther haga su pedido a #travel #learn #wanderful #foodie #bread #bucocarbsawe #Panama #visitpanama #Capira @rappelclubpanama

Panama Adventures with Wander Panther.

The Makings of an Expat – Hard Road Edition

The Makings of an Expat by Randy Hilarski on Steemit

It is hard to believe that I left my life behind in the USA over five years ago. I have never regretted the decision to expatriate. If you are thinking about expatriating I hope this article helps you on your journey.

My Family Background and Patriotism.

First a little back story about my family. We are a family of what most would consider middle class America. My family is a mixed bag of Western and Eastern European blood. I have heard stories of why my ancestors came to America. The common theme was freedom to make a life for themselves. To live the American dream!

Then WW2 happened and my family jumped into action as Patriotic Americans do. They survived, returned home worked their jobs and started businesses. My Grandfather on my Moms side served in the US Marines here in Panama around the time of the Korean war.

My Grandfather was quite a character and really enjoyed his time in Panama. He is still alive and likes to comment to me, "You better make sure any women you mess with in Panama are not related to you". My Grandmother died last year and she would literally bury him with her stare anytime he mentioned it.

The Hilarski and Milliman families luckily missed out on the Viet Nam war. My father was selected for the draft but the war ended before the government could send him off to his death or insanity. I imagine my upbringing would have been much different if my Father had to go through that.

Then came time for my generation to make a decision to serve our masters or to go to college. All four of the Hilarski kids signed up. My cousin Jeff and his Sister Amy joined the Army National Guard and Jeff went on to join the US Navy later. My Brother and I both joined the US Navy. That is me on the left the day my Brother graduated from bootcamp.

What Went Wrong?

Ever since I was a boy I questioned everything. Conformity was never something I aimed for. I did well in school because I was competitive and wanted to beat my classmates not because I enjoyed it. The only classes I truly enjoyed were history, economics and science.

I have to say that the military is no place for people who are free thinkers. I don't think I need to explain why. So I was always being reprimanded for something my first few years. I even had to go to XOI (Executive Officers Mast) for getting out of line. The XO asked me, "are you sorry for what you said"? I said, "No sir, and I take responsibility for what I said".

During that time I realized that the US Navy was no place for me. It took me a few more years to escape but at least my last few years were spent in beautiful Sicily and a few months in Panama! I spent a ton of time taking in the cultures and realized there is much more to the world than what we are taught.

The Dark Years

When I left the US Navy my Father offered my Great Grandmothers house to me. It was a beautiful duplex built in 1860 right on the Erie Canal in Pittsford, NY. A Doctor lived in one side and I would live in the other half. The deal was that I would have to go to RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology where my Step Mom worked) or another school of my choosing. My Father would also hold the mortgage, which would be covered nicely by the tenant.

I chose to move to Columbus Ohio instead. Sure staying in Rochester was the safe choice but I wanted to spread my wings. I ended up delivering pizzas for two years, working for Sprint PCS, Safelite Autoglass and a few other jobs. I actually made good money but still always found a way to piss it all away.

There was so much instability that I don't even want to get into it. I tried college, hated it and returned to work. Then in order to escape my horrible existence I decided moving to Tampa, Florida with my brother who was still serving in the US Navy at Macdill AFB.

Tampa was where my entrepreneurial skills began to take shape. I was selling cars at a VW and Honda dealer. While the guys were hustling on the floor waiting for sales to come through the door I was using Craigslist to find customers. My Brother and I were working on a side business and my online skills were working for that as well.

Then my Brother went off to Iraq. Everything changed, life was flipped turned upside down. My drive tanked and I decided to go back to my roots as a nurse and worked as a mental health counselor. Life literally was horrible. Then almost a year later my Brother returned and it was not the same between us. The war left scars on his soul and unforgiveness in my heart.

The Final Straw

I moved back to my hometown of Rochester, NY and figured I would submit to societies expected life cycle. I took a job once again at a car dealership and bought a foreclosed home that my family and I rehabbed.

I joined the ranks of the rat race. Made very few friends and had very little money. New York was sucking the life out of me. Every chance I got I would take trips to Ethiopia where someone I cared for lived. I knew that life could be better. Then I ended the long distance relationship and had to find a way out of America.

Panama Revisited

In 1997 the US Navy sent me to Panama for just under 4 months. I worked on Howard Air Force base and lived on Rodman Naval Station. It was literally a little slice of paradise and that memory never left my mind. Thoughts of the jungle and ocean would repeatedly pop up in my mind.

So with $5,000 in my pocket and a dream I moved to Panama. I found a sales position before I even left the USA so I was confident about my ability to survive. I met a teacher before leaving and I helped her open a daycare about 30 minutes outside the city. This provided all the income needed to live in Panama.

The sales position quickly turned into a partnership because the owners recognized my skills online. I was literally closing deals without talking to customers on the phone. Facebook and email were my tools of choice. I quickly built an amazing lifestyle in Panama.

Then I met my wife Anabell and we went independent. Now five years after moving to Panama we have a thriving online marketing business. We work with some of the coolest people in the world and have amazing friends. The decision to leave America was the best decision I ever made!

The Cocoli Locks of the New Expanded Panama Canal with My Wife Anabell

Benefits of Expatriation

  1. Freedom to live your life on your own terms.
  2. The Expat community is a friendly bunch.
  3. Opportunities are all around.
  4. Perfect for Digital Nomads.
  5. You might learn something new.
  6. Travel changes you.
  7. You meet amazing people!
  8. Chances to make a positive impact in your adopted community.
  9. You can do it without having a fat wallet.
  10. You Might meet the love of your life and build and empire.

If You want to read my reasons why I left, more in depth, here is my article that went viral and made Google news.
5 Reasons it Made Sense to Leave America

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More Articles by Randy Hilarski Here: The Makings of an Expat – Hard Road Edition

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Panama Adventures with Wander Panther.

Corrupt Agent Shaun Bridges worked for NSA

To add to the growing pile of questions regarding the Silk Road case, it is established on p. 19 of his Proceedings hearing of Dec. 7, 2015 that ex-Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges, now serving a prison sentence for stealing over a million dollars, and who had unfettered access to the Silk Road site and server, worked for the National Security Agency (NSA).

Read more on Corrupt Agent Shaun Bridges worked for NSA…

from Free Ross Ulbricht

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Travel with friends sometimes // Viaja con tu fren. Kayak próximamente en La Yeguada y Chiriquí. No incluye el can. #travel #igtravel #visitpanama #Panama #wanderlust #potd #yeguada #veraguas #chiriqui #dog #doglover #kayak #travelstoke #waterman #waterpanther #eslamarca #love

Panama Adventures with Wander Panther.

Scuba diving es una manera brutal de ver la vida marina, pronto tendremos opciones como el Free Diving donde puedes interactuar con esa vida marina pero sin tanques, digamos que un poco más libres. Te interesa? It goes down in the DM. #vagabonding #wanderpanther #eslamarca #nature #travel #igtravel #travelstoke #freediving #scuba #outdoors #waterman #explore #wanderlust #potd #Coiba #Panama #visitpanama

Panama Adventures with Wander Panther.

Ross Ulbricht’s Conviction, Sentencing for Running Silk Road Should be Overturned, Argues New Reply Brief

As always, excellent coverage from Brian Doherty of “Ulbricht’s lawyer claims corruption on part of investigators, bad evidentiary decisions, Fourth Amendment violations, and grossly unreasonable sentencing demand reversal, new trial, or resentencing.”

Read more on Ross Ulbricht’s Conviction, Sentencing for Running Silk Road Should be Overturned, Argues New Reply Brief…

from Free Ross Ulbricht

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ross Ulbricht’s Final Reply Brief

The final brief filed by the defense in Ross Ulbricht’s appeal replies to the government submission of May 29.

Defense Reply Brief

from Free Ross Ulbricht