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Alexa y Lorena transformaran cualquier ambiente para disfrutar del lugar que visites ¡Tu nombralo! Si tienes un trip planeado para #Panama o eres nacional no dejes pasar esta oportunidad de vivir de una manera diferente cada lugar que tiene este hermoso país. #VisitPanama #Travel #Trip


Alexa y Lorena transformaran cualquier ambiente para ti durante tu #Trip a #Panama para vivir de manera diferente cada lugar. Descubre mas de ellas en #VisitPanama #Travel


Todas las frutas locales que no tienen nombre son "chinas" según Beatriz nuestra #Crack de productos locales. Que frutas "chinas" conoces tu? #Panama #wander #activetravel #wanderlust #travelstoke #nature #localfood #farmtotable #outdoor #wanderpanther #eslamarca

Panama Adventures with Wander Panther.

El Castillo Restaurant #Panama with @anabellhilarski


Lake Gatun #Panama


#Panama es un sitio como ningun otro. Descubrelo con @eddvasquez en


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Squirtle knows #vagabonding #squirtle #pokemongo #wanderpanther #eslamarca

Panama Adventures with Wander Panther.

Use a Self Directed IRA to Buy Gold

Buy Gold Using a Self Directed IRA.

Last week I had the privilege of attending FreedomFest 2016 in Las Vegas. During the show I had to the opportunity to talk to many people about their financial future and the state of the US economy. It was clear that people are worried about the financial system. The topic I came across the most was gold. Many of the people I talked to would love to own gold but they had one big hurdle, their money was tied up in 401k's and their IRA's. I thought it was odd that so few people knew about a self directed IRA.  We regularly help people open self directed IRA's using an IRA Rollover.

What is a Self Directed IRA?

A self-directed Individual Retirement Account is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), provided by some financial institutions in the United States, which allows alternative investments for retirement savings. Some examples of these alternative investments are: real estate, private mortgages, private company stock, oil and gas limited partnerships, precious metals, horses, and intellectual property.

What is an IRA Rollover?

An IRA Rollover is simply changing the custodian of your retirement fund. In this case it would be changed to a self directed IRA. We have a handful of companies that do IRA Rollovers for clients.

Can I Buy Silver or Strategic Metals?

We have many options for our clients at Swiss Metals. We happily supply gold and silver for our clients. We can sell all forms of gold and silver bars and coins. We also supply rare strategic metals and rare earth metals. These metals are the ones you use daily in your computers, cars, medicine, cell phones and many other technologies. Some of the metals include rhenium, tantalum, tellurium, gallium, dysprosium and osmium.

Use a Self Directed IRA to buy Gold by Randy Hilarski

The Future is Bright For Gold in Your Self Directed IRA.

A year ago we saw a huge stock event where Trillions were evaporated from the market in one day. We have had multiple mass shootings in Europe and in the USA over the last few months. We have nations posturing and preparing for war. We have a contentious election year in the United States. We also have a world economy that has slowed greatly. Where will this lead? I do not know the answer but I feel I am prepared. If you have not set up financial protection for your family maybe the time is now.

What we know from history is that gold does very well in times of volatility. Precious metals and strategic metals are a way to preserve your wealth. Currently we are in a worldwide currency war as nations attempt to stay competitive by devaluing their currencies. Nations throughout history devalue their currencies until they are worthless. Every currency ends up returning to its intrinsic value of zero.

What you and I can do is own hard assets like gold, silver and strategic metals to protect us against the insanity of the bureaucrats and central banks. Using an IRA Rollover to open a Self Directed IRA is the best way for many people to protect their wealth with real physical metals instead of paper assets.

Contact Me and Set Up a Self Directed IRA Today.

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Celebra con Safaricks Zoo el Día del Niño y la Niña el 15, 16 y 17 de julio. Paquete especial de zoo + playa, pinta caras, gira guiada y concurso para ganar: 4 entradas para canopy y tubing (valor B./ 240.00) X 1 2 entradas para canopy y tubing (valor B./ 120.00) X 1 4 entradas para tubing (valor B./ 80.00) X 1 2 entradas para tubing (valor B./ 40.00) X 5 Reservas: tel 435.6900 | #panama #safarickszoo #oferta #panamawildlife #centroderescate #zoologico #turismo #zoo #playa #aventura

via Safaricks Zoologico

Love this! #Art #Amazing


Mariposario - Safarick's walk-through Butterfly Garden


What do you travel for? In this picture @cerrobrujo and her lovely helpers. We are deeply in #LOVE with this #Sherpa and all the amazing farm to table and Agroturism that she provides. Want to know more? Visit and join the mailing list or sign up for future content and trips. #vagabonding #wanderpanther #coffee #Volcan #Panama #farmtotable #localfoods #cocinalocal #culinarytravel #gastronomy #agroturismo #CerroBrujo #eslamarca

Panama Adventures with Wander Panther.

New butterflies are filling the mariposario #butterflies #Panama #turismo


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Time to Pack Your Bags America

America the Alarms are Sounding!

Five years ago I left America because I no longer felt that the country and it's leaders aligned with my values. My uneasy feeling began in the early 90's when I served in the US Navy under Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. Now two corrupt, corporately owned presidents later and the situation in America just continues to deteriorate. I am frankly ashamed to call myself American.

This week the FBI director comes out and says that Hillary Clinton is guilty as hell but we won't be pursuing any legal action. As someone who had a security clearance I wonder what would have happened if I would have done the equivalent? I guarantee I would have been looking at the inside of a concrete box!

Then on top of all this we have young men being brutally murdered by so called police for offenses like a tail light not working. What the hell is wrong with this picture America? Do you realize your fear and obedience are what has allowed these tragedies to occur? This did not happen because some politicians were quietly destroying America. They voted on these laws while you were busy watching sports, playing video games, worrying about 50 year old cross dressers and while you were sitting in that comfort zone called church.

DC and Government in General is Out of Control.

You have a government fighting a lost drug war and politicians selling their votes to the highest bidder. Young people are being sent to far off lands to fight wars where corporations are enriched and brown people are murdered needlessly. You have your children protecting poppy fields in Afghanistan to supply the largest epidemic of heroin and opioid based drugs the world has ever seen. You watch commercial after commercial about what medication you can take to help you deal with the side effects of the crap food you eat on a daily basis. You allow your government to continue to keep a plant illegal that has never killed anyone while the pharmaceutical industry sells you snake oil.

America is debating whether or not to disarm the populace while crime is at it's lowest level in decades. We hear how gun free zones are to be set up while in one of the largest gun free zones, "Chicago" kids are killing themselves daily. The police are beginning to look more like soldiers. The politicians scream for gun control while they have 20 armed men protecting them at all times. Who in their right mind believes this crap being peddled in the media. I will tell you who believes it, the ones who are doing everything except for think for themselves.

If you are treated like the enemy you are the enemy.

I will tell you right here and now that there is a concerted effort to destroy the United States and it has been going on for almost a century. The American people, including myself, have let this hijacking of our country happen. We were too busy appealing to our inner desires to have time to think about the big picture.

How to Prepare for What is Coming America.

  1. Pack your bags and move to a country where freedom is still available as long as the people of your chosen destination can keep it. I chose Panama but this country is far from perfect and has its own issues. The key issue I have is that it has close ties to the United States. The Panama Papers come to mind.
  2. Buy yourself some physical gold and silver. Do not, I repeat buy paper gold or silver like GLD or SLV. Once you have purchased a safe amount I recommend storing some in other jurisdictions like Panama, Singapore or Switzerland.
  3. Learn how to use Bitcoin and buy some. Did you know Bitcoin has been one of the best safe haven assets over the last few years? The only thing you need to learn is how to buy and use it. Don't worry about how to mine Bitcoin.
  4. Stock up on canned goods as well as foods that are durable like rice. Americans could easily see a period of extreme hardship in the coming months, if the system collapses. If you don't think it can't happen look at Venezuela once the richest country in South America now starving.
  5. Turn off your TV and connect with alternative new sources like The Dollar Vigilante, Press for Truth and We are Change.
  6. Own a firearm, my favorite for protection at home is a shotgun.
  7. Above all don't wait for the crisis. Prepare yourself now before the crisis is underway.

All of the things that are happening around the world are setting the alarms off in my head. For five years I have lived in Panama and watched how my former country is tearing itself apart. The media is causing a frenzy of hatred. The people are fighting among themselves rather than focusing their anger on the establishment. Before saying that I am an anti-American, gun-loving, tinfoil hat wearing pinhead remember that I once served America and come from a family that many would consider patriotic. I just happened to stop believing in the crap that was being peddled out of DC. When I sit down and look at the history of the USA since 1913

If you are thinking about expatriating let me know. I love to connect with other other freedom seeking individuals who choose not to be governed by psychopaths.

Learn about Bitcoin and Gold.

My last five years in Panama.

Randy and Anabell Hilarski Your Panama Marketing Team.

See More Here Here: Time to Pack Your Bags America #travel #pty507


Making popstickles as a part of the enrichment program #enriquecimiento #tourism #Panama

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It is time to feed the birds #environment #tourism #Panama

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