Friday, April 10, 2015

Barack Obama Visits Panama Canal

Today the President of the United States visited the Panama Canal. Barack Obama is in Panama for the Summit of the Americas. Before the Summit of the Americas begins Barack Obama was a tourist and took in some time at the Panama Canal museum at the Miraflores locks.

President Barack Obama arrived by helicopter at the City of Knowledge (Ciudad de Saber). The City of Knowledge was once Fort Clayton one of the many military installations the USA built during its occupation of the Panama Canal Zone.

The President of the United States made sure to not miss a great photo opportunity has he walked across the gates of the Miraflores locks. Make sure to visit the link to see the images.

Some of the other dignitaries and celebrities attending the Summit of the Americas include. President Maduro of Venezuela, President Castro of Cuba, Carlos Slim the worlds wealthiest man and of course Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg visited the Panama Canal yesterday. See the images at the link.

There will be three conferences going on simultaneously. This Summit of the Americas is special because this is the first time that the nation of Cuba will be participating.

Make sure to follow all of the action of the #CumbresPanama on Twitter. You can follow @VIPPanamaTours in English or @himgPanama in Spanish.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tips for Dating Latina Women

Dating Latina women in Panama is an adventure at every turn! There are so many cultural influences in the Republic of Panama. I can give you some fun tips that will save you some headaches, cash and your mind. There is no way to categorize or slap a label on the Latina women.

I Have compiled a list of 10 tips for dating women in Panama.

1. You are wealthy, whether you think so or not. It does not matter what your financial means is, if you are tourist or expat, you are rich in the eyes of women in Panama. This is part of the Panamanian culture. The Americans were here for almost a century spending money.
2. The women in Panama expect their man to take care of them. Sure this way of thinking seems cliche, but it is true. women in Panama like their men to be decisive. I see how they respond to men who appear weak.
3. Don't worry about Panamanian guys, they are too busy playing the field. This gives you an opportunity to meet women in Panama. The Ladies here are no different than back home in your country. They seek stability so ff you are looking to find a relationship with a women in Panama then you are looking in the right place.
4. women in Panama are jealous, get used to it. It is part of the culture.
5. Prostitution is legal in Panama. Make sure to keep your eyes on your Lady.
6. Don’t be a cheap! The food in Panama is cheap and generally pretty good. Take her to a nice place, just ask before taking her to a specialty restaurant like sushi. Trust me, women in Panama might not be willing ot try it.
7. Be mulitcultural. Learn the local dance and make sure to try to learn some Spanish.
8. Latinas are very outgoing sexually. This is no secret, enjoy but don't be a jerk. Seriously we see it all the time.
9. women in Panama love to shop. My wife loves going to the mall and can spend hours going from one department store to the next. Try to enjoy yourself.
10. Be a good listener, Latinas and women in general love a man who will listen. This is my secret weapon!