Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Panama Shore Excursions

Your Cruise Ship is Going to Dock at Colon (Cristobal) If you search the internet for Panama shore excursions you may be disappointed. There is not much information available regarding the Province of Colon. While many tour operators avoid operating in the Province of Colon we have decided to make it our focus for VIP Panama ... Read more...

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Jornada de Expo Turismo 2015 Panama


Buenos días Panamá http://ift.tt/1hgpwOu #travel #turismo #animallovers

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Vive tu experiencia #travel #panama @safarickszoo_panama ow.ly/O5kGP

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Ship Crashes at the Panama Canal

Even the Panama Canal is Not Immune to Accidents. Video Taken By a Tourist Aboard a Cruise Ship Passing Through the Panama Canal on April 3, 2014. It amazes me that I never saw this video before. A ship crashing in the Panama Canal would typically be considered a big news event here in Panama. ... Read more...

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Los peques en el Aviario #panama #travel @safarickszoo_panama ow.ly/O5kGP

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Visita Preescolar La casa de Miguelito #panama @safarickszoo_panama ow.ly/O5kGP

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Panama Canal Expansion Update

The Panama Canal Expansion is Almost Complete. A few months back we had the amazing opportunity to tour the Panama Canal Expansion at Cocoli on the Pacific side of Panama. The Panama Canal Authority was gracious enough to open the expansion to Panamanians and tourists for a few days. It was absolutely amazing to experience ... Read more...

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Visita del Embajador de Japón Expo Colón 2015 @safarickszoo_panama

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La lluvia no es impedimento #panama #travel @safarickszoo_panama ow.ly/O5kGP

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Conozcan la verdad sobre Safaricks Zoologico, Panama


Buenos días!! Te esperamos Expo Colón @safarickszoo_panama #oferta #panama ow.ly/O5kGP

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Nuestra primera clienta Expo Colón #travel #panama ow.ly/O5kGP

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Colón innova Expo #travel #panama Te esperamos @safarickszoo_panama ow.ly/O5kGP

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Colón, Panama is Dangerous!!

Colón 2000 in Colón, Panama We have all heard about how dangerous and scary Colón, Panama is. That is not far from the truth. Colón, Panama is not a town that a tourist should be walking around without private security. Believe me, we know because we live in Panama and travel to Colón, Panama every week. We have ... Read more...

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Hoy estaremos en Expo Colón #oferta #turismo #panama ow.ly/O5kGP

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Panama City, #Panamá at Sunset. http://ift.tt/1fAoCMk

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Sunset in Panama City, #Panamá http://ift.tt/1fAoCMk

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Ven a conocerme en Safaricks zoo, me llamó ponchita http://ift.tt/1hgpwOu #panama #turismo

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Lizard can move! #Panamá http://ift.tt/1fAoCMk


Wild Kitty watching me. #Cats #Gatos #Gato #Cat #CatLovers

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Hermosa mañana desde Safaricks Zoo☀🐒 http://ift.tt/1hgpwOu #panama

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Your Days are Numbered Human. #Cats #Gatos #CatLovers

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🌺 Hibiscus of the Day 🌺 #Panama http://ift.tt/1fAoCMk

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Friday, September 11, 2015

The Caribbean side of #Panamá http://ift.tt/1fAoCMk

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My friends cat Dora 😻 has found a place to rest. #Cats #Gato #Mascotas #Pets

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Panama City, Panama at Night with Misting Rain, Lightning in the Distance and the Largest Electronic Billboard in Latin America. This photo was taken from Torre 1 at Miramar on La Cinta Costera. By Randy Hilarski #Panama #Photography #PTY #Tourism #Travel http://ift.tt/1Oju8QA

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"Chase the Vision not the Money". #Startups #Business #Entrepreneurs #Quotes #InstaQuotes http://Crowdify.fund

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Baby Hedge Hogs #Panamá http://ift.tt/1fAoCMk


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