Sunday, December 10, 2017

Liked on YouTube: Trailer - Around the Block - Doc. Series

Trailer - Around the Block - Doc. Series
Throughout 2017, cryptocurrencies reached the mainstream. But beyond speculation, and deeper than the awareness of the masses, lie the true ideals behind this movement. This series is made of conversations with key figures of the community, in varied moments & locations around the world. It's montage and production is being led by Paratii and BossaNovaFilms, but we want anyone interested to get involved. This is the only way to make something that truly reflects the huge social experiment we're witnessing. Come join & throw ideas at us on: Gitter: Telegram: Facebook: Read more on our website:
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Liked on YouTube: INS Consumer Ecosystem

INS Consumer Ecosystem
INS Ecosystem - Decentralized Ecosystem Directly Connecting Grocery Manufacturers and Consumers. JOIN Our Telegram Group: INS Ecosystem Website: INS Token Sale Platform: AIRDROP: White Paper: Presentation: One Pager:
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Todays adventure! Keep shooting 📷 some pictures of diferentes aspects of the city! Im going to get a haircut at 5 de mayo soon, stay put to our stories. #keepwandering #wanderpanther #travelpanama #adventureculture

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Liked on YouTube: Can Bitcoin Become A World Reserve Currency? - Trace Mayer Explains

Can Bitcoin Become A World Reserve Currency? - Trace Mayer Explains
Subscribe to our Free Financial Newsletter: Trace Mayer joins us as Bitcoin cements its place in financial history, we look at the future of Bitcoin and the growing Blockchain sector. We also discuss the present solutions for high transaction fees and which Governments are embracing cryptocurrencies. TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW: 04:15 Bitcoin Futures markets attracting institutional money 07:55 Bitcoin is now recognised as an asset class 10:55 Is Bitcoin being used as a cash system? 17:15 The Bitcoin hard forks – what is the difference? 19:55 Governments embracing cryptocurrencies 23:15 High transaction fee solutions 25:35 How immutable is the Blockchain 27:55 Where to find out more from Trace
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My Saturday, I had the most interesting request, Im showing around this guys Julien Chatelin from France, he is a journalist that travel around the world taking portraits, now here in Panamá. He looks around on Facebook and find us. Ask to see diferentes vibes of the city, we already went to Costa Del Este, Panama Viejo hood, Punta Pacifica and the cinta costara. Right now we’re heading to San Miguelito to get more of the suburban part of this city! If this is not alternative I don’t now what it is! #keepwandering #wanderpanther #travelpanama #adventureculture

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