Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Taking a stroll around #Vienna #Wein #Austria #TeamHilarski

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PANAMÁ CITY IS FULL OF COLORS AND FLAVORS 🌴 is mean to be seen in is true self. Imagine you getting hungry, not know where to go, and probably going to a tourist trap, paying To much for something is not local! Then going by foot with a local tasting LEGIT LOCAL PLACES! Food by food includes: 👀 1. local guide all de time. 2. Urban stories and local history 3. 🤚 5 stops to taste local food at casco viejo y Santana (ceviche 🐠, green mango salad, local pipa 🌴 for the walk, and more) end your day with a local microbrew of @casabrujacasco @ ONLY 47$ per person! Come join us! #keepwandering #gadv #wanderpanther

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Liked on YouTube: Blockchaining & Revolutionizing the Casino Industry with

Blockchaining & Revolutionizing the Casino Industry with
Jeff interviews the CEO and founder of ICO startup, Jedediah Taylor. Topics include: big profits in the ICO space, the gambling industry, big profits being made, with 100% of the profits are returned to the community, a place to invest crypto, project already advanced, the platform will be live and generating profit in a few months, the ICO process, really undervalued as the only ICO with a near completed platform, a community lottery system, investable DBet tokens likely to be in high demand, how to buy tokens safely, the transparency of the financial system and house edge, guaranteed payouts, a much better model that could revolutionise the gaming industry, ICO’s a rapidly expanding area TDV to provide more coverage, Cryptopulco at Anarchapulco and the TDV Summit. The Decent Bet website and ICO: The TDv Summit, Acapulco, Mexico: Anarchapulco conference:
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