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Liked on YouTube: Bitcoin 40,000$ by Summer!?NEO-OMG-ADEX - New Clif High Interview- Happy ThanksCrypto Giving

Bitcoin 40,000$ by Summer!?NEO-OMG-ADEX - New Clif High Interview- Happy ThanksCrypto Giving
What wonderful Thanksgiving treat. Our conversation with the brilliant mind. Clif High. From Blockchain and governance to banks and money. We talk about Neo, OMG, Veritaseum Populous and more. From the troubles with removing the BCH and BTC noise due to such similar linguistics and out to the far reaches of interstellar space.The joys of speaking with such a unique soul and mind. We talk new medicines and C60 as well as some very exciting times in the business models and the world we have evolving today! Remember to Like, Subscribe and Share the Crypto Love as we all learn and educate ourselves about this new emergent technology over the holiday weekend! Check out Clifs reports at: 🐻 Never Miss a Live Show; Hit the 🔔 and Subscribe! 👍 Thank You For Watching And Sharing! ▪️ Continue the conversation on our community forum: ▪️ Visit our website: ▪️ Find us on Youtube: ▪️ Join the conversation Telegram! OUR SOCIAL MEDIA CIRCLE? ▪️ Steemit: ▪️ Linkedin: ▪️ Google : ▪️ Twitter: ▪️ Instagram: Want to support our voice & contribute to a KOZ? ▪️ Bitcoin: 1MGWEfdjWcaRQEknHM9ywPU8SEXU9c3Wfp ▪️ Ethereum: 0x62b4fbF55f35465FAA104c423a564152D77CEF56 ▪️ Litecoin: LRraG1qAv2qRkSbxSjiibPjBnQxHxRQyok ▪️ Dash: Xkv7hvyZLfvvbgt1vc3QycNiKkUjYKVXfy ▪️ Zcash: t1WohJTRseDyyjnuFW48Q8WTjyChaGkc7JS Find your essential cold storage wallet: Coinbase is a great place for your initial crypto purchase: The Arcane Bear ICO shortlist: ▪️ Pillar Project: 👉 Halo Platform: ▪️ Etch.Work: 👉 SandCoin: ▪️ 👉 Datum: ▪️ DropDeck: These are MY ideas, and I am presenting them here for entertainment/analysis purposes ONLY, you MUST do YOUR OWN due diligence before investing in ANY CC's, digital assets or ICOs; Understand the Risks.
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

To all the amazing people that support us! I'm JuanMa Haayen and as you know I'm the founder of Wanderpanther Panama, who made the tour in Casco Viejo and around the city. What good moments and memories we share, I have no words to describe what I felt guiding so many interesting people! Believe me I will never forget it and I tell you that from that day on you have not only an alternative guide but a friend in this country when you return. Needless to say that all you were an inspiration and I took all their advice to be a better guide and better alternative tourism company, know that I will not disappoint you and we will always get the best routes, under the standards of collaboration to communities for a sustainable development of this industry even the least visited places but which are worth visiting. I send you good vibes and happy authentic experiences. If you are anywhere in the world making brutal experiences please send them to this email to place them on the Instagram of WanderPanther and know what they are doing to be better. If you have accommodation to visit, then tell me to plan an epic trip with you I wish you the best of the best, JM

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Panamenian Food 101 tip #2 “Raspados” since I was a child, I remember going out on the weekends mornings with my old man to do errands. It was already 12 o'clock, and the sun was at its point, walking down A street at casco viejo just seen this gentleman's bright and striking lorenzo cart my mouth watered, "Quiero un raspado Papa" "raspados" are ice cones with colored syrups or fruit, my favorite "piña con coco y miel de caña" come to a food by foot with us you will try one! #wanderpanther #keepwandering #travelpanama

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

#Bitcoin #Panama Style. #GunaYala

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Liked on YouTube: What You Should Know About IOTA

What You Should Know About IOTA
Find me on Steemit: Twitter: @blockchainchick Instagram: @hheidiann Thinking about purchasing a Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet? Browse their official website: Want to join coinbase to begin your crypto journey? Here’s a link to get free $10: If you’re looking for an app that tracks the price of BTC & ETH and many other coins, check out the CoinView App: Donation Addresses: Bitcoin (BTC): 16gwMprXw5ss8Nk23CU8Jc6XtVf7KYF621 Ethereum (ETH): 0xac5223209791820b4c37f6f6b4b5d249d25d55ac Dash: XuvS5TzRSRGbNZM2va9KXYxF6QBqQ4tVQp LINKS FOR ADDITIONAL READING FOR THIS VIDEO & ALL INFO IN TEXT DOWN BELOW IOTA Website: White Paper: IOTA GitHub: Great Blog Posts by Roman Semko: (1) Overview of Hashgraph: Definition of DAGs: Blog on IOTA and Internet of Things: IOTA Tangle Security Concerns: IOTA Team Addresses Security Concerns: For those who have spent at least a little bit of time in the crypto space, it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise that people are searching for better ways to accomplish the same things that blockchains can. It certainly isn’t inaccurate to say that blockchain technology was developed in an effort to circumvent the currenct financial system and all of those annoying middlemen. The goal was always to bring decentralization to all and to finally empower individuals to take control of their wealth, to be their own bank. But now, looking at the largest and arguably the most successfully crypto in regards to adoption, the one we all know as Bitcoin, we’re beginning to see this ideology taking the backseat. Mainly, there is no doubt a type of centralization occurring with the mining pools of bitcoin. There are now a handful of companies who can control the transactions of Bitcoin. The only reason there was room for this to happen is thanks to the inclusion of transaction fees as a way to motivate miners to participate in the network. Despite Satoshi’s best efforts to invent a system that could undermine the greedy financial system as we know it today, because money is still being used as a motivator in this new system, and us still being humans that are running it, we are still vulnerable of our human condition, in this case, that is to be greedy. We are always looking for fast transactions, low or no fees and complete decentralization. Many cryptos have these perks right now, but the issue that hangs over everyone’s head is that of scalability. This is where IOTA can be a game changer, and here’s why. IOTA uses a type of DAG that they are calling “Tangle.” In their system, if you want to participate in their network, if you want to make transactions on their network, you need to help. For every transaction you’d like to submit on IOTAs Tangle, you will have to process two transactions from other users. This shifts the motivating factor from extrinsic (that is only processing transactions for the sake of getting paid) to intrinsic (you help to secure the network so that you may also take part in it.) This also means that the more users of this network, the faster the transactions will be confirmed. IOTA has the potential to be completely decentralized, but for now, in its beginning stages, the network uses what you could call a bottleneck that they refer to as the “Coordinator.” So for now, it hasn’t yet reached it’s ideal status of being completely decentralized. That being said, there are some security concerns that have been voiced. One of the points has to do with a flaw in the custom hash function called Curl. Basically, instead of taking tried and true cryptographic primitives to build their system, the IOTA team decided to write their own hash function called Curl. Basically, this can open the door for vulnerabilities concerning the validation of transactions. If you’d like to learn more about this concern and how the IOTA team has since addressed the issue you can always take a look at their blog.
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Liked on YouTube: Bitcoin Blasts Through $8,000… and In Zimbabwe Tops $13,500 As Mugabe Regime Crumbles Again

Bitcoin Blasts Through $8,000… and In Zimbabwe Tops $13,500 As Mugabe Regime Crumbles Again
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