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It is Time to Take Assets International

Take Your Gold and Silver International.

This year is turning out to be quite a surprise for everyone who has not been paying attention. It seems daily we have news that is shaking the economies of the world at their core. The great thing is that it is not too late to take assets international. Whether you are in Europe, North America or Asia it is time to diversify the jurisdictions you keep your assets in.

I may sound alarmist but in reality my warnings are just prudent. The warnings I tell my readers are exactly the same as the ones I tell my family. Own Gold, Silver and Bitcoin but make sure that your assets, after a certain amount, are in different jurisdictions. This means keep a portion in your hands but after the amount passes your comfort threshold it is time to securely vault your precious metals in another country.

Purchase Gold and Silver in Panama and Store with Vaultmax.One of the most common comments I read from Gold and Silver investors is that if you don't hold the metals you don't own it. If you put your precious metals in a safety deposit box at the bank is it secure? At this time it is safe but we all know that the governments of the world can change their mind on a whim. The US seems to be ramping up their asset forfeiture laws. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to think that just because a government official or police officer suspects you of a crime that they have the right to seize assets.

How to Take Assets International.

The window of opportunity may be closing but currently you can still buy Gold and Silver and vault it in a multitude of jurisdictions around the world. The one I deal with is Vaultmax Global in Panama. There are other Vaults that you can store you metals with. I wrote an article showcasing Switzerland, Singapore and Panama vaults. I live in Panama so that is the country I recommend.

Recently we had the Panama Papers expose some of the offshore dealings of business leaders and bureaucrats around the world. Panama has been and still is one of the preferred countries in the world to internationalize assets. Panama pales in comparison to the amount that is stored in the USA but it is still a major player. Panama is one of the most stable countries in the world and the banking hub for Central and South America.

Gold and Silver dealer Randy Hilarski Panama

The costs of buying and storing Gold in Panama are higher than in the USA but cheaper than buying and storing in Europe. See an example order below. My numbers are not negotiable. I offer a 100% taken care of service where all you have to do is either pick your Gold up or let Vaultmax Global store it securely for you.

The process of buying Gold from me is relatively simple.-

  1. Decide what form of Gold you would like to buy and store in Panama.
  2. We invoice you for the current spot price.
  3. Wire the funds or pay in Bitcoin.
  4. Order is placed the day the money arrives in the bank or in the Bitcoin wallet.
  5. Gold shipped to Panama.
  6. Gold picked up by armored transport and taken to Vaultmax Global.
  7. Gold is nationalized (legal in Panama).
  8. Gold is stored at Vaultmax or picked up by the client.

Costs of Buying and Storing Gold in Panama.

  • Shipping to Panama $200 for every $30,000.
  • Nationalization in Panama $100 for every $10,000.
  • $20k-$49k = 10%
  • $50k-$79k = 9%
  • $80k-$99k= 8%
  • $100k-$199k= 7%
  • $200k and up= 6%

The process of buying and storing your assets international is relatively easy. We want to make this process as easy as possible for our clients. The reason I give you my fees up front is because I don't like dealing with tire kickers. I have a multitude of clients to take care of and a few companies that we own so time is in short supply. Only contact me if you are serious. I know it seems harsh but if I spent my whole day responding to emails with quotes for Gold I would not accomplish anything. I offer Gold as a service for clients all over the world because I believe in its ability to safeguard your assets in uncertain time.

Take your Assets International with Swiss Metal Assets. Buy Gold and Silver with Randy Hilarski and store them in Panama. You can buy gold with Bitcoin.

Contact Me Today.

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Bitcoin and Crypto Currency to the Moon!

Bitcoin and the Crypto Currency World are Flying High.

This past month has been nothing but thrilling for those of us on the world of crypto currency. The God Father of Crypt0 Currencies Bitcoin has increased in value by more than 60% in the last month. As I write this post Bitcoin is about to touch $750 for the first time in a few years.

For all the folks who are new to Crypto Currency this journey is a wild one. I have gained and lost quite a bit over the years but I never left the world of Crypto Currency because I knew it was the future.

Watch this Video by Jeff Berwick About the Recent Rise in Bitcoin.

We Have Been Making Moves in Crypto Currencies.

Our company has partnered up with some of the best minds in Crypto Currency. We are helping Tigo CTM sell their Bitcoin ATM's. We are working with the GitGuild to bring new Crypto Currencies to market. Launching our own Crypto Currency show called, "The Crypto Guild". On top of all that we are learning how this world that has been in the hands of programmers for so long, works.

We see huge opportunity for those who have vision. If you believe the world will continue to operate the way it has for years to come then I recommend you keep going on your path. If you sense that there is a major paradigm shift coming in the world of Fintech and finance then maybe you should get on board the Crypto Currency train. I use the term Crypto Currencies because there are many more options besides Bitcoin. My favorite is Dash which has many benefits over Bitcoin and it keeps getting better. We also have Ether which is the currency for Ethereum which is a blockchain smart contract solution. There are hundreds more but my favorites are the ones who serve a specific purpose like Dash as a currency and Ethereum as smart contracts.

"Virgin Galactic is a bold entrepreneurial technology. It's driving a revolution and Bitcoin is doing just the same when it comes to inventing a new currency." - Sir Richard Branson

Source Here: Bitcoin and Crypto Currency to the Moon!

Plantains stuffed with mozzarella. #Panama #PTY


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5 Bitcoin Quotes that Disrupt the Status Quo

Why Bitcoin and Crypto-Currency

Over the last year of my life Bitcoin and the world of crypto-currency has quietly taken over. My path has recently taken a sharp detour and I am now preparing to help Bitcoin and Altcoin startups launch their businesses with the full power of our marketing team. In the last month we have had over 20 meetings with people who see the future of crypto-currencies. This has me thrilled to be part of one of the biggest moments in history!

I personally believe Bitcoin is just the first step down the road of decentralized crypto-currencies. We are seeing opportunities to harness the power of the blockchain all around us. We recently had a meeting with an old school investor who has made millions in many types of companies over the years. When we discussed the capabilities of the blockchain his eyes lit up and now he will be a chief investor in many projects going forward.

I have made it a crusade to teach as many people about Bitcoin as I can. Just in the last month I have helped set up a myriad of peoples Bitcoin wallets and crypto-currency trading accounts. The number one reason I hear as to why people want to get involved is. "They don't want to miss out on the next big technology". Now this may seem trivial to some but I was one of those who missed out on the DotCom bubble in the late 90's. Looking back I wish I had invested in Google, and Cisco. This time around I can see the potential and thanks to some brilliant minds around me I have realized that this opportunity is an order of magnitude much larger. This time I feel I have entered the game in the second inning. We have a long way to go before this game winds down.

Bitcoin Quotes

Gold and Bitcoin by Jim Rickards

I added this Jim Rickards quote to my Bitcoin quotes because I have been a fan of his for many years. My investment journey began with Gold and Silver. Jim is one of the titans that showed me the path of investing in something that is owned outside of the system. Thanks to him and many others I now live a life that many only dream about.


Drop Bitcoin Not Bombs.

I added this Roger Ver quote to my Bitcoin quotes because I am a veteran and approve of the message. I am proud to say that I am a Veteran for Peace and am absolutely disgusted how the country I was born in and others around the world murder needlessly. It is time we defund the warmongers.


The Bitcoin Economy is Coming by Ira Miller

I added this Ira Miller quote to my Bitcoin quotes because frankly it is the truth! People want to continue living in the status quo. We inherently do not like to change but those of us who recognize that change is going to happen, with or without us, get smart and get on board the locomotive. Once you go down the rabbit hole of crypto-currencies you begin to see the capabilities that are before us.


Bitcoin can preserve your wealth.

I added this Jeff Berwick quote to my Bitcoin quotes because he is warning the public with a bullhorn. Jeff and his team have an uncanny ability to see what is happening in the markets. The world economy is showing signs all over that it is burning out. Putting a portion of your assets in Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Gold and Silver is just prudent. Make sure to sign up for The Dollar Vigilante newsletter.


BItcoin Quotes we must bridge the world of Programmers and Marketers to promote Bitcoin.


I added this quote of mine to the Bitcoin quotes because it needs to be heard. There are stages of adoption that every new technology goes through. First you have the Explorers who take the most risk and show us that it can work. This would be people like Roger Ver and Ira Miller. Then you have the Pioneers like myself and Jeff Berwick who see the opportunity and want to build it into an empire while telling the world how awesome the technology is. When the settlers arrive is when the value of Bitcoin and Crypto-Currencies go to the moon. I want to be there when the settlers arrive so that I can sell them shovels.

Now in order to take Bitcoin to the next level we need to be able to properly explain the value of Crypto-Currencies so that the layman can understand them. Currently we have the programmers trying to explain the value of Bitcoin to the world. This is great but the pool of people that will have the ability to understand is limited. Now bring in marketers like Glen Kowalski ,Anabell Hilarski and myself. We deal with the public every day for our clients. Imagine if 1,000 top marketers around the world began to promote Bitcoin. I believe we could change the world!

Watch as Anabell Hilarski Uses This Lamassu CTM to Buy Bitcoin.

This CTM can be used to purchase Bitcoin and Dash. Over the weekend it was reported that Lamassu will also offer the capability to buy Ether with their machines. Our client Swiss Metal Assets will soon have one of these Lamassu Machines in the office. If you want one let me know.

In the next year our team will be helping to launch a handful of Crypto-Currencies to the world. In the meantime we will be educating the world about Bitcoin and how to invest, trade and transact in Crypto-Currencies. If you need help I offer private training on how to start using Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Trading and Transacting. This service costs $1,000 and is available in English and Spanish. If you just want a Bitcoin wallet you can sign up for Coinapult with just your email.


Source Here: 5 Bitcoin Quotes that Disrupt the Status Quo

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Hillary Clinton Is The Clear War Party Candidate

We Are Change

hillary my turn art

Submitted by Diana Johnstone (author Queen of Chaos), via Contra Corner blog,

On June 2, a few days before the California primary, Hillary Clinton gave up trying to compete with Bernie Sanders on domestic policy. Instead, she zeroed in on the soft target of Donald Trump’s most “bizarre rants” in order to present herself as experienced and reasonable. Evidently taking her Democratic Party nomination for granted, she is positioning herself as the perfect candidate for hawkish Republicans.

Choosing to speak in San Diego, home base of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, on a platform draped with 19 American flags and preceded by half an hour of military marching music, Hillary Clinton was certain of finding a friendly audience for her celebration of American “strength”, “values” and “exceptionalism”. Cheered on by a military audience, Hillary was already assuming the role to which she most ardently aspires: that of Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Whenever Hillary speaks, one must look for the lies. The biggest lies in this speech were lies of omission. No mention of her support for the invasion of Iraq, no mention of the disaster she wrought in Libya, no mention of her contribution to pursuing endless death and destruction in the Middle East.

But she also lied in claiming partial credit for the Iran nuclear deal, which she had tended to block, and most profoundly in presenting herself as a champion of diplomacy. As Secretary of State, she blocked diplomacy that would have prevented or ended conflict, most notoriously concerning Libya, where even senior U.S. military officers were told to cut off their contacts with Gaddafi agents seeking a peaceful compromise.

The Washington Post reported prior to the speech that her campaign “hopes there are many more national-security-minded Republicans and independents who would vote for her, even grudgingly, rather than see Trump win the White House.”

The Washington Post noted that the state of California’s “defense industry and military bases lend a backdrop for her speech.” Indeed! Hillary Clinton is quite simply catering to the military-industrial complex, as she has been doing throughout her career.   She is catering to the arms industry, which needs to keep the American people scared of various “threats” in order to continue draining the nation’s wealth into their profitable enterprises. She needs the support of military men and women who believe in all those threats invented by intellectuals in think tanks and editorial offices.

a psychological analysis of presidential cadidates, Trump vs Hillary

This is the core of the “national-security-minded” electorate that Hillary is targeting. She warned that Trump would jeopardize the wonderful bipartisan foreign policy that has been keeping us great and safe for decades.

In reality, such “national-security-minded” leaders as Dick Cheney and Clinton herself have led the United States into wars that create chaos, inspire enemies and endanger everybody’s national security. Despite the geographically safe position of the United States, it is that bipartisan War Party that has created genuine threats to U.S. national security by prodding the hornets’ nest of religious fanaticism in the Middle East and provoking nuclear-armed Russia by aggressive military exercises right up to its borders.

The basis of Hillary Clinton’s world view is that notorious “American exceptionalism” which Obama has also celebrated. If we don’t rule the world, she suggested, “others will rush in to fill the vacuum”. She clearly cannot conceive of dealing respectfully with other nations. The United States, she proclaimed, is “exceptional – the last best hope on earth.”

Not all people on earth feel that way. So they must be brought to heel. In practice, this “exceptionalism” means acting above the law. It means a unipolar world policed by U.S. armed forces. In practice, Hillary’s devotion to “our allies” means fighting wars in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel and of Saudi Arabia, whose arms purchases are indispensable for our military industrial complex. It means bombing countries and overthrowing foreign governments, from Honduras to Syria and beyond, in order to help them conform to “our values”.

Trump is groping clumsily, at times idiotically, toward a major shift in US foreign policy. He is ill-prepared for the task.If ever elected, he would have to fire the neocons and take on a whole new team of experts to educate and guide him. That would be something of a miracle.

But some of Hillary’s reproaches aimed at Trump’s “reckless, risky” foreign policy statements are not as self-evident as she assumes.  For example, his statement that he would sit down to negotiate with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Is that really such a crazy idea?

North Korea is a small country, whose leaders call themselves “communist” but who are essentially a dynasty that emerged from the resistance against Japanese invaders in World War II. Their quarrel with South Korea stemmed from the domination of Japanese collaborators in that part of the country. That is practically ancient history, and today North Korea feels threatened – and is indeed threatened – by the everlasting U.S. military presence on its borders. A small isolated country like North Korea is not a real “threat” to the world. Even with nuclear weapons. Its much-vaunted nuclear weapons are clearly meant both to defend itself from attack and as a bargaining chip.

So would it be so terrible to sit down and find out what the bargain might be? Basically, North Korean leaders would like to make a deal to lessen the U.S. threat and bring their country out of isolation. Why not discuss this, since it could lead to the end of the “North Korean threat” which is artificial anyway?

Hillary’s reaction is typical. She boasts that her solution is to build up an expensive missile defense shield in Japan and increase everybody’s military buildup in the region. As usual, she goes for the military solution, ridiculing the notion of diplomacy.

Hillary Clinton’s speech will certainly sound convincing to the “national security minded” because it is so familiar. The same as George W. Bush but delivered with much greater polish. America is good, America is great, we must remain strong to save the world. This is the road to disaster.

Hillary Clinton is the clear candidate of the War Party.

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The Bride of the Americas in Panama.

Watch on YouTube here: The Bride of the Americas in Panama.

“Bilderberg’s A Terrorist Organization” – Italian Supreme President Ferdinando Imposimato

We Are Change


Luke Rudkowski will be covering the Bilderberg protest from 6/7/16 – 6/9/16.

So we thought what better way to hype up Luke’s trip, then to take a brief look back at Bilderberg’s history.

The mysterious Bilderberg organization, a secret elite meeting of banking, media, corporations, finance and government, was once shrouded in secrecy and denied by the mainstream media who called it a “conspiracy theory”.

Luke previously confronted Stephen Colbert asking him if he knew about the Bilderberg Group.
Colbert then unscheduled talked about the Bilderberg Group and asked them to not kill free-lance journalists.

The Bilderberg Group’s attendees meet every year for two days to discuss the coming year’s political policies. Former Secretary General of NATO Willy Claes even admitted this in 2010.

“Absolutely. Yes, Bilderberg conference is indeed established, say to strengthen the alliance between the two sides of the Atlantic and very strong to take with regard to the Communist danger that threatened from the Soviet Union and the Soviet bloc, yes,” said Claes.

Then in 2013, Italian Supreme Court President Ferdinando Imposimato called Bilderberg
a terrorist organization
responsible for Operation Gladio to destabilize public order and stabilize political power. He went on to implicate the Bilderberg Group in the massacres of Italian activists during the seventies and eighties.
These statements were made during the launch of his book “La repubblica delle stragi impunite,” which means “The Republic Where Massacres Go Unpunished.”

“The Bilderberg Group is behind the so-called ‘strategy of tension,’ and therefore the massacres,” says Ferdinando Imposimato, Honorary President of the Supreme Court as he makes references to a document written more than 40 years ago – and which was almost lost- during the promotion of his new book, “La repubblica delle stragi impunite,” which translates to “The republic where massacres go unpunished.”

“We found the truth about the massacres. There has been complicity between the state – or factions of the state – and the Mafia, as well as (black ops) terrorism and freemasonry. These elements came together during Operation Gladio, and consist of multiple international organizations, controlled by the CIA. This is a proven fact. The purpose of their actions was to destabilize public order and stabilize the political power,” said Imposimato.

Yet still outlets like the BBC want to mock the fact that powerful people meet in secret by making claims that elites are all lizards. The media always uses some ridiculous joke to discredit the very real fact that unelected “elite” are meeting in secret to discuss political affairs – in violation of U.S. law for any Congressman in attendance. These elite feel entitled to meet in secret without any cameras or reporters while they make policy to try and shape government policies.

Thanks to outlets like We Are Change, the Bilderberg Group has the eyes of the on it. Oh, and Edmond de Rothschild and Baron Rothschild just remember you are WANTED only one country over in France for FRAUD.

Your New World Order will crash and burn..

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Has the UK Government Lost its Mind? “Conspiracy Theorists” To Be Sent to Retraining Camps

We Are Change


It seems the UK government has officially turned into Big Brother.

Recently, the UK government passed a shocking piece of legislation –  a “hate speech” law that prohibits “hate speech” on social media and carries a sentencing of  “re-education camps” for offenders. The re-education camps were proposed in the US and circulated by an online manual,
but now the UK has actually activated them.

So who defines what is and isn’t hate speech? Is someone’s personal opinion about a politician hate speech or is it free speech?


Is it someone’s “opinion” that Downing Street bureucrats forged academic papers about WMDs to fraudulently invade and go to war with Iraq  – or is it hate speech?

On top of that, Tony Blair and Bush talked about going to war with Iraq an entire year prior to the invasion – or is that hate speech?

According to the new legislation, conspiracy theories are a form of hate speech. So holding our government accountable for its asinine behavior is now hate speech punishable by law in the UK. What happened to the duty to keep tyranny in check? To make sure fascist laws like this don’t pass?

In another display of outright insanity the UK government in 2013 wanted to completely ban pornography under the pretense that it would better protect children. Hold on this is the same UK government that is embroiled in accusations of  pedophilia in Parliament right? Interestingly enough, David Cameron’s aide Patrick Rock who had this brilliant idea to protect children was arrested for indecent images of children and child pornography. This bill to ban pornography was also nicely wrapped with a secret snuck in passage to “ban conspiracy theories.”  Most bills usually have some legislation hidden in the piles of pages that most lawmakers in the US and UK never bother to read. This is seen by US Congressman Stephen Cohen’s reaction to Jesse Ventura’s Question about the “residential centers” and the FEMA bill text in HR645.

Cohen first continuously denies knowing anything about the bill making jokes about aliens, then he says,  “Oh yes I remember now those camps are for emergency situations like Katrina I think that’s what it is.”

Jessie goes on to say speaking to the viewer:

“You think that’s what it is? You can see how things work in Washington, Congressmen sponsor bills because they are told to or they get money for their district.  If we speak out maybe next time we can talk to our leaders before they sign on the dotted line.”

This is just one of several available examples of Congressmen not reading a bill and sponsoring or co-sponsoring a bill. Even recently, Congressman x admitted he never reads bills he votes on. That is exactly why we need to get rid of lobbying and why it should be viewed as legal bribery.

Back in 2014, Cameron made a little speech about how conspiracy theories fuel extremist violence. I wonder how much research David Cameron did on these so called “conspiracy theories?”

Has Mr. Cameron, who said “We Need a New World Order,” disavowed Agenda 21? Agenda 21 is an overthrow of an elected government similar to how Prescott Bush tried to overthrow FDR as warned by General Smedley Butler? Prescott Bush, the Bush dynasty father, also funded Hitler. His bank was tied to funding the Nazis. So maybe these are the psychopaths who should be in the dissident camps?

If you ever care to pick up a book or read and research, Mr. Cameron, Mossad is documented deliberately blowing up the USS Liberty , the US chiefs of Staff are Documented wanting to fly planes into buildings, and shoot civilians in Falseflag operations to go to war with Cuba – look up Operation Northwoods . Which John F. Kennedy Stopped and fired Army Chief of Staff George Decker and General Lyman L. Lemnitzer  and appointed General Earle Wheeler and General Maxwell D. Taylor.

NATO is another documented agency running a Falseflag called Operation Gladio killing innocent civilians over the years.  You would be insulting our intelligence if you said otherwise and wanted us to forget about such horrific historical actions because there may be as you call them “Conspiracy Theories,” but there are also very well document-able events that are bonifiable Facts.

So if you want the trust of the people I suggest you start answering and not dodging the hard questions like admitting you are a tax evading criminal. If its criminal for citizens to
evade taxes its criminal for you to horde money in an offshore account. Oh and no Mr. Cameron, this isn’t hate speech its advice, any government that opts to put its citizens in any form of a camp is a hair away from being the next Nazi SS regime and a dictatorship.

We already had a dictator named Hitler we don’t need a second Hitler. Maybe your Mama never taught you the saying but i think this ought to be taught in the UK, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Words are not missiles Mr. Cameron, words do not cause violent extremism, failed government foreign policy in the middle east is what causes violent extremism.

David Cameron’s quoted as saying:

“We must defeat this Ideology in all its forms, as evidence emerges of backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offenses, its clear that many of them were influenced by preachers who claim not to encourage violence but who’s world view can be used as a justification for it.
We know this world view, the peddling of lies that 911 was somehow a Jewish plot or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged.

The idea that Muslims are prosecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of western policy.  We must be clear to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism not just violent extremism.  For governments there are some obvious ways to do this, we must ban preachers of hate from coming to our countries, we must proscribe organizations that incite terrorism at home and abroad.
We must work together to take down illegal online material like the recent video’s of Isil murdering hostages, and we must stop the so called non-violent extremist from inciting hatred and intolerance in our schools, university’s and yes even our prisons.
Of course some would argue that this is not compatible with free speech and intellectual inquiry.”

Well now David Cameron got his wish, as conspiracy theorists who deny the Holocaust, can be imprisoned. I don’t deny the Holocaust personally (I think that it happened but the death count was exaggerated), but I also feel its absolute hypocrisy that people who deny the Holocaust are being sent to a “Dissident re-training camp” which is a nice way of saying concentration camp when that’s where Jewish people were sent to die. Also who wrote such an insane piece of legislation? Why does it seem to be focused on Judaism? Do the same rules apply for the Zionist, who’s world view is everyone but them are inferior and that even fellow Jewish people are expendable? Calling out blatant Zionism isn’t anti-Semitism, if anything the Zionists are
the anti-semitics.

cia img zionist

In Fact, this Cabal has already made it self known, through you Mr. Cameron you said
“Conspiracy theories of a powerful Jewish cabal or a Western plan to destroy Islam must be challenged in efforts to counter radicalization”

Why would you say that? Very strange choice of words suspicious indeed, I don’t think there is a Jewish cabal or western plan to destroy Islam more so an elite mafia of Zionist gangsters who
want to control the world.

I hope these Internment Camps have bottom and top bunks! Will there be forced vaccination centers for all the disobeying plebians?

The new bill making speech a hate crime is below. Watch what you say – the Internet police might show up at your door for that next tweet or social media post – they have already
arrested dozens of people in London.

The Section about imprisoning conspiracy theorist and government dissidents is below, you can read the full text of the legislation here .

Now the EU has proposed issuing a bio-metric Government ID to Use the Internet and travel within the EU, use national health insurance, Access bank accounts, Take public transportation and even vote. This is the New World Order folks its time to fight back or bow down to the tyranny your rights are vanishing first they came for Europe then it was America and it
was too late..

“Section 7. Penal Sanctions

(a) The following acts will be regarded as criminal offences punishable as aggravated crimes:

(i) Hate crimes as defined in Section 1(c).

(ii) Incitement to violence against a group as defined in Section 1(a).

(iii) Group libel as defined in Section 1(b).

(iv) Overt approval of a totalitarian ideology, xenophobia or anti-Semitism.

(v) Public approval or denial of the Holocaust.

(vi) Public approval or denial of any other act of genocide the existence of which has been determined by an international criminal court or tribunal.

(b)Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a rehabilitation programme designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.

(iv) Overt approval of a totalitarian ideology, xenophobia or anti-Semitism.

(v) Public approval or denial of the Holocaust.”

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Veterans Using Ayahuasca to Cure Depression and PTSD

We Are Change

After surviving firefights and a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, U.S. Army veteran Asa Barrett tried antidepressant drugs and therapy to overcome depression and bouts of anger. Nothing worked.

But then, like many other foreigners, he journeyed to Peru’s remote Amazonian jungle to drink ayahuasca, a centuries-old, sacred indigenous brew that some Western scientists think can help to heal psychological traumas.

During a recent ayahuasca ritual, the 30-rr-old from Oklahoma lay on a mattress with about 20 other travelers on the floor of a round, wooden hut in a remote resort near a tributary of the Amazon River. About 45 minutes after drinking the dark concoction, he began to see vibrant colors. He then vomited into a plastic bucket, a common reaction to ayahuasca.

Mr. Barrett acknowledged that it didn’t appear therapeutic. But he also described seeing visions of war-torn Afghanistan emerging as a shaman chanted spiritual songs called icaros. He recalled seeing bullet holes in a wall, a dead Afghan woman and the moment when an improvised explosive device almost killed him. He saw his small military base in Afghanistan’s mountainous border region with Pakistan. He heard a loud voice.

And then came a burst of light.

“It was as if I was just letting it all go,” Mr. Barrett said later. “I just felt so at ease for the first time in a long time.”

Ayahuasca military veteran PTSD psychological trauma

U.S. military veteran Asa Barrett at an ayahuasca center in the Peruvian jungle in January. Some Western scientists think the centuries-old, sacred indigenous brew can help heal psychological traumas.

In the Amazon, scientists have long studied plants with a range of medicinal properties. Some work as anesthetics; others can treat infections; some are known to stop bleeding. Now scientists are starting to look at ayahuasca, a potent hallucinogen known locally as “the vine of the soul” that outsiders are increasingly flocking to sample.

Scientists say that ayahuasca—which is legal in Peru and neighboring countries—activates parts of the brain that make it possible to recall deep-rooted memories, increasing self-awareness and offering a chance to reassess past ordeals. Proponents say that it can provide users with spiritual and personal guidance. Others report that it has allowed them to overcome traumas that conventional therapy and antidepressants haven’t cured.

But some scientists—and users—warn that ayahuasca can be dangerous. It can be fatal when mixed with other drugs, such as antidepressants, and should be avoided by those who are bipolar or schizophrenic, since it has been known to trigger psychotic episodes. In 2012, a young man from California died after taking ayahuasca in Peru. And last year a Canadian tourist killed a Briton during a nighttime ritual that local authorities are still investigating.

The brew is made by boiling together a jungle vine called Banisteriopsis caapi with the leaves of a shrub that contains dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, a psychedelic that is illegal in the U.S. DMT can cause seizures and, in high doses, comas and respiratory arrests, said Mike Colston, a U.S. Navy captain who heads a Department of Defense agency in charge of studying psychological health and brain injury. The hallucinations caused by ayahuasca can be so traumatic that they can worsen medical conditions such as PTSD, Dr. Colston cautioned.

In Peru, the influx of foreigners eager to try the brew has spurred the creation of unregulated new lodges to try ayahuasca, some of which, locals say, are opportunistic and employ fake shamans with little training. The brew itself is unregulated by the Peruvian government.

Ayahuasca’s proponents say that it has powerful properties. Jeffrey Hill, a 38-year-old construction superintendent from Chicago, said that ayahuasca eased his depression. Juliet Wilkerson, 41, who lives in Texas, said that it helped to cure her debilitating migraines, which she thinks were tied to childhood abuse. Jaylene Johnston, a 53-year-old from Oklahoma, said she had visions of her deceased first husband that allowed her to overcome the trauma of his death and fully commit to her current spouse. “It transformed the relationships that I have right now,” she said.

The stories might seem surreal. But they have prompted growing interest by Western researchers, amid a wider revival of studies into the therapeutic use of psychedelics.

The California-based Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, which has funded researchers at Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania, plans to support an ayahuasca study in Peru this year for people with post-traumatic stress disorder. Later, the group hopes to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration for an ayahuasca study in the U.S.

Ayahuasca brewing

The California-based Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies aims to support an ayahuasca study in Peru this year for people with post-traumatic stress disorder. Later, the group hopes to get approval from the FDA for a study in the U.S.

Jessica Nielson, a University of California, San Francisco, neuroscientist who is leading the study, became interested in the potion after trying it herself following a difficult divorce and doubts about her career trajectory. In Peru, she saw how it helped three military veterans.

“Just witnessing their transformation inspired me,” she said. But she cautioned that ayahuasca research is in its infancy. “We really need to get more data on this to understand the safety, what are the limits and who is it appropriate for,” she said.

Other scientists are hoping to understand the brew’s properties. Charles Grob, a psychiatrist at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center who studied ayahuasca’s use in a Brazilian church, says that it might help to treat addiction. Jordi Riba, a pharmacologist at the Sant Pau Institute of Biomedical Research in Barcelona, says that ayahuasca may help ease depression.

Because the experience can be frightening, both men emphasized the importance of consuming the brew in a safe setting A.J. Bullock, a 30-year-old Army sergeant who served in Afghanistan, described nightmarish hallucinations of being chained down and confronted by demons after trying ayahuasca in Peru. It made him feel paranoid, he said, and he considered going home early. By his last ritual, he described a helpful, “radical shift in self-image.” Still, he hesitates to recommend the experience.

“I just don’t know if a lot of people would be able to walk away from it not having gone crazy or at least hurting them more than it helped them,” he said.

Despite the risks, foreigners are converging on Iquitos, a city of 500,000 in Peru’s northeastern Amazon, paying up to $2,500 a week to drink the elixir. Carmen Rojas, the head of the local tourism office, says that she knows of 22 certified jungle lodges that offer ayahuasca. But local tour operators speak of dozens more, including almost 100 ayahuasca centers along one 60-mile stretch of highway. They estimate that as many as 80,000 people a year come to Iquitos for ayahuasca.

One operator, Pulse Tours, says that its clients are mainly Americans and Canadians but also include people from as far away as Australia, China, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Some longtime ayahuasca proponents in Iquitos lament the recent influx of tourism dollars, which they feel has corrupted the ritual and put some foreigners at risk from fly-by-night operators in the burgeoning industry.

“People have got way too careless about all of this,” said Howard Lawler, 68, a Kentucky native who runs Spirit Quest Shamanic Sanctuary, one of the longest-running ayahuasca centers here. “It is never to be taken for any recreational purpose. It is a very serious medicine.”


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Danny F. Quest is a official 9/11 Truther, anti-war activist, humanitarian,  Blogger, and writer/contributer  for  Follow him on Social Media.

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Sanders to Hillary “Yes, Trump’s Foreign Policy Ideas Are Scary. But So Are Yours”

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‘We need a foreign policy based on building coalitions… [not] perpetual warfare in the Middle East’

“When it comes to foreign policy, we cannot forget that Secretary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq…and that she has been a proponent of regime change, as in Libya, without thinking through the consequences.” (Photo: Michael Vadon/flickr/cc)

Bernie Sanders responded to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy speech on Thursday with a hit at her credentials, including her involvement in the Iraq War and so-called “regime change” in Libya.

“We need a foreign policy based on building coalitions and making certain that the brave American men and women in our military do not get bogged down in perpetual warfare in the Middle East,” he said in a statement. “That’s what I will fight for as president.”

Earlier Thursday, Clinton gave a speech that laid out her own foreign policy agenda and criticized presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump for his “thin skin” and “dangerously incoherent” ideas.

“Americans aren’t just electing a president in November, we’re choosing our next commander-in-chief, a person we count on to answer questions of war and peace, life and death,” Clinton said. “The person the Republicans have nominated for president cannot do the job.”

On that point, Sanders agreed.

However, he added, Clinton wasn’t much better.

“I agree with Secretary Clinton that Donald Trump’s foreign policy ideas are incredibly reckless and irresponsible,” he said in his statement. “But when it comes to foreign policy, we cannot forget that Secretary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq, the worst foreign policy blunder in modern American history, and that she has been a proponent of regime change, as in Libya, without thinking through the consequences.”

His comments fell in line with much of the progressive sector’s response to Clinton’s speech, which included criticism from journalists and policy experts such as Jeet Heer ofThe New Republic, Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept, and Sam Husseini of the Institute for Public Accuracy.

As Jeffrey D. Sachs, director of The Earth Institute and a steadfast critic of Clinton’s hawkish foreign policy record, tweeted after her Thursday speech:

On Friday, the Sanders campaign tweeted out a new campaign video, featuring Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), titled simply “Judgement.” Gabbard, still on active duty for the U.S. Army and a veteran of the Iraq War, stresses in the ad that her support for Sanders stems from his proven reluctance to put lives at risk in overseas misadventures. “[Sanders] has foresight,” she says, “when it comes to making these most critical decisions that affect us all about war or peace.” Watch:

As Common Dreams reported on Thursday, “Pew Research Center surveys have laid bare how Sanders and Clinton supporters differ on foreign policy issues,” with polls conducted in April and May finding that 66 percent of Clinton’s Democratic supporters believe world problems would be “even worse” without U.S. intervention, with only 49 percent of Sanders supporters saying the same.


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Danny F. Quest is a official 9/11 Truther, anti-war activist, humanitarian,  Blogger, and writer/contributer  for  Follow him on Social Media.

© (2016)

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bayer Knowingly Gave HIV to Thousands of Kids !

Media Silent as Protesters Continue to Rage in France

“I Love Drugs” Google Takes Down Controversial Blog Page

We Are Change


By Christopher R Rice

I wrote an article that I called “I Love Drugs” and Google quickly took my blog down and denied me access to its contents. So I thought that it would be a great idea to re create that blog on a website and then use my remaining Google blog to advertise it. Funny thing, I’ve had this site back up and running in some form or another for over a year but I forgot to re write the article ” I Love Drugs”.  Duh!

Of course I caught a lot of flack for that article, so I thought I’d better explain myself.

First off, all prescription drugs are toxic and none cure anything.

The worthless MD’s heal nothing and treat everything with toxic chemicals that kill. When did treating symptoms get confused with healing?

Do pills for high blood pressure cure the reason you have high blood pressure? No, no way. A better way is to find the reason for the high blood pressure and correct it. Do MD’s do that? Of course not.  And that my friends is modern day medicine here in the corporate empire of America where your health takes a back seat to corporate profits and MD wealth.

So many of those pills have horrible side effects like insomnia, ED and lethargy. When all that is needed is a better diet and light exercise.

Recently the CDC said that prescription drugs are killing more people than cocaine and heroin combined, hum.

So I do not partake in the pharmaceutical drugs that the rest of you take by the truck load because you are too lazy to figure out what ails you and fix it. So stop thinking that some how you are better than me and can judge what I choose to do with my own body in the privacy of my own home.

Only God can judge me.

When I say that “I love Drugs” it has nothing to do with Parke-Davis.

Second, that crap that everyone else is on, white (crystal-meth) and black (heroin), I can’t stand either one. Getting high is not getting paranoid (meth) or nodding out (heroin).

But to each his own. Live and let die, that’s what I say.

Getting high is laughing (marijuana) or getting numb (cocaine in moderation) or taking a trip (LSD / magic mushrooms). Getting high is being on “a roll” (ecstasy) and enjoying yourself.

Do too much meth and you hallucinate but the hallucinations are not pleasant and you can not tell that they are hallucinations. So it’s a lot like paranoid schizophrenia, which sucks. On LSD, you actually know when you are hallucinating and the hallucinations are enjoyable.

Too much cocaine will make you paranoid with violent tendencies. So I only do cocaine in moderation. When you do too much it is no longer fun as you aren’t even getting high any more. You are just spending more and more money to get less and less high.

E and LSD can not be done daily. At the most you can do them every three days but I would not recommend it. With E you have to wait for the body to produce more serotonin. With LSD, you just need the body and mind to recuperate. Taking LSD daily will lose all effect. I love drugs and still only indulge in these less than once a month when they’re available.

The best sex you will ever have is on E (ecstasy). 

Weed. Got any trees? I smoke marijuana from the time that I wake up to the time that I go to bed.

I’ve been told that I have ADHD or ADD (not by any professionals, just by weirdo’s who think they know it all.)  People think that I’m high strung. Weed levels me out. Personally, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with me, I think that the rest of you are just lazy. It’s not my fault that you can’t keep up with me. And even stoned I can work rings around you. You’ll get tired just watchin’ me. Or so I’ve been told.

On drugs I’m a very mellow, forgiving, passive guy. Sober I’m easily agitated, irritated and prone to violence. You wouldn’t like me sober. I don’t like you when I’m high and I don’t like you when I’m sober, but I can tolerate you when I’m high. And that is why I LOVE DRUGS. Always have and always will. Get high and get naked.


I LOVE DRUGS By Christopher R Rice

Prescription Drugs Now Kill More People In The US Than Heroin And Cocaine Combined

Buy and sell drugs online on the dark web by downloading TOR browser for free.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Drugs Forum


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NBC News – Muhammad Ali on not going to war

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Today was a beautiful day in #Panama


SOHO Mall Panama Waked Closure

Watch on YouTube here: SOHO Mall Panama Waked Closure

San Jose Police: “We Held Back From Protecting Trump Supporters”

We Are Change

San Jose Police: We Held Back From Protecting Trump Supporters From Attack So As Not To ‘Insight’ Further Violence

Here is the police statement in full:

On Thursday, June 2, 2016, approximately 300-400 protesters gathered outside a Trump rally in San Jose. The San Jose Police Department designated two locations for supporters and demonstrators. The Department had an operations plan in place in an effort to ensure the safety of everyone attending the event. However, officers were confronted by some protesters who became violent, aggressive and began to throw objects in their direction. A majority of the violence occurred at the conclusion of the event. While several physical assaults did occur, the police personnel on scene had the difficult task of weighing the need to immediately apprehend the suspect(s) against the possibility that police action involving the use of physical force under the circumstances would further insight the crowd and produce more violent behavior. As Trump supporters were exiting the Convention Center, officers directed the crowd away from the protesters and suggested alternate routes of egress in order to prevent violence or a large-scale confrontation. This required the forming of crowd control lines of uniformed officers to act as a physical barrier to facilitate the movement of the crowd out of the area. The San Jose Police Department subsequently made four arrests for incidents including assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful assembly. A San Jose Police sergeant suffered minor injuries after a protester struck him with a metal object. The Department is currently reviewing available footage and beginning the investigative process to identify suspects who were involved in criminal behavior, particularly physical assaults, so that warrants can be sought for their arrest. The Police Department encourages any members of the public who witnessed assaults or who are possession of video footage depicting physical assaults to contact the San Jose Police Department and cooperate with the ongoing investigations.

The police chief, Eddie Garcia, also said that the police are not an ‘occupying force’, perhaps indicating that Chief Garcia’s mind really wasn’t in the right place in thinking how to react to these attacks.



Media Blackout: Elephant in the Room Incredible Election Fraud All in Favor of Hillary Clinton

Major California Newspaper Endorses Ronald Reagan Ahead of Primary

Trump Campaign Caught Fabricating Minority Support

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Global War-Games Rage on as Nations Show their Weapons Of War

We Are Change

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest developments between the U.S and Russian aggression against each other. We are seeing the escalations to what could lead to a global conflict between the two and how the situation is spiraling out of control.

The US military’s move to deploy strategic B-52 bombers and other weaponry on Russian borders for joint drill with NATO is a dangerous move that could spiral into a full-fledged war threatening the whole world, says an American analyst based in Washington.

NATO’s build-up in the Baltics is unnecessary. reports:

While showing off some new UAZ Patriot pickup trucks armed with machine guns and grenade launchers to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, a general couldn’t open the door of one of the trucks and, in his desperate desire to please the commander-in-chief, ripped off the door handle. “Well done,” Putin said, laughing.

Meanwhile, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is debating how most effectively to deter Russia from invading the Baltic States. The U.S. has already proposed quadrupling the budget of the so-called European Reassurance Initiative, to $3.4 billion in 2017. A billion dollars of that sum is to add another armored brigade combat team, 4,000 to 5,000 strong, to the 35,000 U.S. troops already present in Europe. Another $1.9 billion is earmarked for additional war-fighting equipment. Still, many U.S. analysts still believe that may not be enough for deterrence.

They should watch the door-handle video and ask themselves if they aren’t being hoodwinked.

RAND Corporation recently held a war game to see if the Baltic states were defensible against Russia and concluded that, with the current level of protection, the Russian military could get to Tallinn and Riga in as little as 60 hours. To prevent such an outcome, Rand concluded that NATO would need seven brigades, including three with heavy armor, “adequately supported by air power, land-based fires, and other enablers on the ground and ready to fight at the onset of hostilities.”

The notes:

But if there was to be war with Russia, what might it look like? The Cold War scenario of vast armies fighting a large-scale conventional war dominated by tanks and aircraft directly supporting the battlefield is as outdated a concept as it is unlikely.

Both sides have considerable resources at their disposal but NATO is significantly larger than Russia in simple numbers: NATO has a total of 3.6m personnel in uniform, Russia 800,000; NATO 7,500 tanks, Russia 2,750; NATO 5,900 combat aircraft, Russia 1,571. However, these bald figures do not tell the whole story as NATO’s forces are deployed globally to a far greater extent than Russia’s, and even acknowledging that Russia could achieve a temporary military advantage in, say, the Baltic, for how long and at what price? Nevertheless, today’s armies are smaller and more reliant on technology than they were during much of the 20th century and the likelihood of a Kursk-style pitched battle between heavy armour is highly unlikely.

That said, the ever-greater reach of missiles and artillery, the accuracy and potency of modern precision-guided munitions, the extensive use of surveillance systems (from space, via drones, and through highly sophisticated electronic eavesdropping) would make a contemporary battlefield highly dangerous and highly destructive, as pictures from even relatively small-scale recent conflicts from Grozny to Aleppo show. 

Consequently, while the armies and individual battles might be smaller than those in World War II, the death toll, the loss of war-making material and both sides’ ability to reduce everything in their paths to rubble would make a large-scale conflict far more wide-reaching and, in terms of recovery, longer-lasting than anything we have seen before.

In such a conflict, the very term “battlefield” would itself be highly misleading: such a war, employing ships, submarines and aircraft with truly global reach, would indeed be a world war and would pay scant attention to the difference between military and civilian targets: this would truly be a war among the peoples.

And not just an earth-bound war: outer space would be a highly contested arena as would cyberspace, with both sides seeking to disrupt all aspects of normal life as the war was taken into the realms of politics, infrastructure, information and commerce, too.

Despite Shirreff’s warnings, the nightmare scenario of nuclear war is highly unlikely as neither side ultimately would wish to unleash destruction on that scale. Likewise, chemical and biological weapons would, if employed at all, be used at a very local level, and sparingly.

That is not to say that the scale of the destruction would not be significant, however. This would be total war, waged on every imaginable front, from the internet and the stock market to outer space.

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Danny F. Quest is a official 9/11 Truther, anti-war activist, humanitarian,  Blogger, and writer/contributer  for  Follow him on Social Media.

© (2016)

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Russia and The U.S Committed To War ?

We Are Change


Published on Jun 5, 2016

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest developments between the U.S and Russian aggression against each other. We are seeing the escalations to what could lead to a global conflict between the two and how the situation is spiralingout of control. For more video reports invest in us here


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How Walmart Hides an Incredible Amount of Money in Luxembourg

We Are Change

Inside Walmart’s Secret Subsidiaries In 

Image (Source) Mike Mozart/Flickr and Mariusz Kluzniak/Flickr

Walmart has chipped $3.5 billion off its income tax liabilities over the past six years by stashing $76 billion in profits in offshore tax havens using a complex network of well-disguise subsidiary corporations, according to new research from one of the unions that walmart tax havenbacks long-running efforts to organize workers at the American retail giant.

The researchers combed financial disclosure documents from the U.S. and multiple other countries to uncover 78 separate Walmart subsidiaries with names like “Azure Holdings” that do not suggest that they are connected to the Arkansas-based chain of stores. Walmart “has never listed any of them” on the subsidiaries section of a required annual corporate filing with American regulators, the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)  report says. The company has no physical locations in those countries, but routes revenue from its thousands of international stores through the companies, about half of which are registered in Luxembourg, the Virgin Islands, and the Netherlands.

Walmart is a major overseas tax dodger, according to this report from Americans for Tax Fairness, a social economic think tank and advocacy group. The world’s largest retailer has stashed $64 billion worth of assets in Luxembourg, Europe’s smallest and most notorious tax haven.These assets—including cash and the ownership of real estate holdings around the world—are worth more than Luxembourg’s entire gross domestic product.? 

In Luxembourg, the alleged tax-reduction strategy relies on a financial shell game. The company has shifted $45 billion in assets into its 22 subsidiaries there in the past four years, but reported only a fraction of that amount in profits. It paid a 1 percent tax rate in Luxembourg on $1.3 billion in profits from 2011 to 2013, according to the report. Like most other high-profile corporate tax avoiders, Walmart has achieved its massive tax savings through careful use of legal tax strategies. International tax rules involving loans between two different subsidiaries of the same company mean that Walmart can take out debt from itself, deduct the debt in one country, and pay low or non-existent tax rates on interest payments associated with the loan in a second country.

A company spokesman told Bloomberg that the report is inaccurate and misleading, and said the company complies fully with all the tax laws and corporate disclosure rules of every country in which it does business.

Legal though it may be, the network of holding companies and intermediaries is critical to the company. The $76 billion held in Luxembourg and the Netherlands alone is equal to nearly 40 percent of the company’s total assets worldwide, and 90 percent of the assets claimed by its international division. Researchers note that the total value of off-shored Walmart profits may be even higher, as the other tax haven countries’ public records laws do not make similar financial detail available for those operations.

Shifting corporate profits across borders is common among multinational companies in all industries, but most of the recent furor around the practice is focused on the tech sector. Brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have had their arrangements in Ireland and other European tax havens called into question by American and European Union officials. In an industry where intellectual property (IP) rights are often the key to profitability, it’s relatively easy to understand how the game works. Regardless of which country served as the cradle of innovation for the iPhone, Apple can shift the IP rights to a subsidiary in a lower-tax country. Apple pays U.S. taxes on the royalties the subsidiary pays for the rights, but not on the much larger profits from selling iPhones, which remain abroad in the subsidiary. Those arrangements have come under legal scrutiny in the the past year.

Since 2011, Walmart has transferred more than $45 billion in assets to a network of 22 shell companies in Luxembourg.

Achieving the same kind of tax benefits is messier in the retail industry. Walmart is in the business of physical things, not ideas. That’s why it has to use a system of intra-Walmart loans and tax deductions to achieve the same sort of tax sheltering outcome that the techies arrive at through royalties payments. But those loans are also in Europe’s gunsights. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has called for changes that would make that loan-and-deduct strategy unfeasible, according to Bloomberg.

All told, corporate profit offshoring costs the U.S. an estimated $50 billion per year in lost revenue. American companies now hold more than $2 trillion in profits offshore.


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Danny F. Quest is a official 9/11 Truther, anti-war activist, humanitarian,  Blogger, and writer/contributer  for  Follow him on Social Media.

© (2016)

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