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Decentralization will make many companies obsolete. #CryptoCurrency #Bitcoin #Steemit

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The Rise of the Decentralized Economy

Decentralization threatens the old companies. Facebook, Google, UBER, AIR BNB, Paypal, Federal Reserve.

There is an Extinction Event Coming That Threatens to Wipe Out the Old Economy

The event is the rise of the decentralized economy. Since the early days of Bitcoin we have seen the decentralized economy grow before our eyes. The great majority of the world has no idea that this meteor is about to strike.

Banks and Fiat Currency are Quickly Becoming Obsolete.

The first sign of the future came with the rise of the crypto currencies that allowed us as citizens of the world to go unbanked. These were currencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin and some of the newer ones like Monero, ShadowCash and now ZCash. Did you know that you can have a Bitcoin debit card and not even have a banking account? Read "Access Your Bitcoin Using the Wirex Bitcoin Debit Card.".

This is an epic shift. How money is used will never be the same. We no longer need intermediaries to carry out transactions across the globe. I can't wait until my Crypto Currency transactions are 100% peer to peer or from me to a company without Visa or Mastercard in the middle. The shift is happening! When the population of the world that is unbanked begins to wake up to the power of crypto currencies a great force will be unleashed and I want to be there!

The Decentralization of the Economy.

When the Ethereum network launched there was great excitement in the tech world. We looked around and noticed that this technology could make lawyers, accountants, governments and other intermediaries obsolete. This shift will transform the way the world works as we know it.

Enter Arcade City, this Ethereum based Crypto Currency is going to upset the current sharing economy. Companies like UBER, Lyft and Air BNB are in the cross-hairs. First Arcade City is going after the ride sharing economy. Literally a decentralized economy of peer to peer service providers and consumers.

Don't Miss the Upcoming Token Sale for Arcade.City.

An amount of 100,000,000 tokens will be created to start this new economy. 84,000,000 tokens (84% of the total supply) will be offered to the public during a 28-day token sale, starting November 1, 2016 at 3pm UTC.

Social Media is a Slow Moving Behemoth and the Decentralized Economy has Noticed.

We have build out company $200 Social on the backs of these centralized social media giants. The days of social media companies syphoning off our data for their investors benefit are going to come to an end. The public blockchain will be available for anyone to see which makes their data less valuable. This will literally opensource our lives. I appreciate all that these titans have afforded my family but every dinosaur will become extinct in the coming decentralized economy.

Social media platforms like Steemit are quickly taking a foothold in the world of the decentralized economy. Other notable decentralized social media platforms include Yours Network and Synereo which are still in development. I am sure we will see a private social media channel similar to what ZCash is doing with crypto currency.

The Dentralized economy will make many companies and jobs obsolete.

"Just think the Centralized companies (Facebook, Twitter, Google, PayPal) are like dinosaurs. They think they are the rulers of the land but a meteor is on its way that is called decentralization. Soon they will be fossils." - Randy Hilarski

Don't be left behind. You can be part of the largest shift in wealth in history. We are largely invested in the future of these technologies and I recommend you put a portion of your net worth into the decentralized economy also. It is the most exciting time for me in my life!

Meet Anabell and I at the upcoming laBITconf in Argentina next week or in Amsterdam in two weeks at SteemFest. We hope to see you there.

Find the original article on Steemit. [The Rise of The Decentralized Economy.](

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Arcade City WhitePaper Published

Ride Sharing APP Arcade CIty White Paper Launch and ICO November 2016

Arcade City has Released Their WhitePaper Prior to the Upcoming ICO Sale.

To see the full Arcade City WhitePaper go to the link. The Arcade City ICO has been one of the most talked about Ethereum based Crypto Currencies of the year.

The Crowdsale.

The ARC token sale will start on November 1, 2016 at 3pm UTC and will run for a period of 28 days.

During the 28-day period, people can purchase tokens by sending ETH to a smart contract. The contract address will be announced on the website a few days before the start of the token sale.

What is Arcade City?

Arcade City is a decentralized global community of peer-to-peer service providers and consumers. The core technical offering is an Ethereum-based app for web, Android and iOS. Arcade City features an open ecosystem with forthcoming APIs to enable developers and entrepreneurs to easily create their own apps and service offerings as part of the Arcade City network. Initial service offerings focus on the ridesharing industry, with plans in motion for peer-to-peer deliveries and short-term home rentals.

Arcade City aims to reinvent the sharing economy by combining the power of blockchain technology, open-source development, platform cooperativism, and a decentralized ‘swarm’ organizational model open to all.

How is the Token Distribution Broken Down.

What is My Part in the Project?

Over the last week I met with the team multiple times. We $200 Social have agreed to help the Arcade City team with the ICO process across social media. We look forward to seeing what the team comes up with and promoting the ARC token across the web.

Randy Hilarski Steemit Banner $200 Social

See the Original Article on Steemit.

Post Source Here: Arcade City WhitePaper Published

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What the Defense Said at Ross Ulbricht’s Oral Arguments

Last Thursday, October 6, oral arguments were heard in Ross Ulbricht’s appeal. Both sides spoke before three appellate judges for a little over ten minutes each.  I transcribed the arguments of Joshua Dratel, Ross’ lawyer (see below). Note that his statements may sound disjointed, as I didn’t include questions by the judge. You can listen to the entire hearing here.

Read more on What the Defense Said at Ross Ulbricht’s Oral Arguments…

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